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As my homepage stated, I am an artist and have been for a long time. Even when I was a kid, I would refuse to draw stick figures, and when I wasn't napping, I was probably drawing. Art classes were my favorite, all throughout elementary school up until now, I've never not been taking some sort of art course. In middle school I was taking Pre-AP art, in high school I was taking every art course they had to offer, and now in college I'm minoring in it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I think everyone is an artist but I think everyone has different outlets of creativity, mine is just drawing and designing.

I really love to explore new mediums of art. Like I said before, I tried embroidery for the first time a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. My coworker also bought me a wood burning tool for Christmas and I've used it to burn mountains and flowers into wood pieces. I also got an iPad and have gotten into digital art last Summer and have been loving it ever since. iPad art has really taken off in the last few years and I can definitley understand why. On top of that, I love working with different Adobe tools too as they help me to make really polished looking designs that work well across multiple platforms.

Since starting to design digital art, I started my own art Instagram, which features all of the digital art that I've been working on. After starting to work with digital mediums, I've been able to design and create my own stickers, which I sell on Etsy and Redbubble. I love being able to subtly show off my work and what I've accomplished on my water bottle or my laptop. Digital art has taken off in the past few years and an app called Procreate is the most popular app as of late. A lot of reputable artists are now using it as it tends to be more user-friendly as compared to Adobe Illustrator or photoshop and it's cheaper at only $9.99.

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